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He Wants Brooke
As a baby at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, #5 always wanted Brooke to be near. As soon as Brooke left the pen, all the birds crowded over in the corner to see him go.  They began to pace and peep as soon as Brooke was out of sight.  Eventually the other chicks learned to cope with Brooke’s absence—but #5-13 did not.  Once he started pacing, he kept pacing the same length of fence until Brooke came back.  Nothing soothed this bird:  Not the vocalizer, not going for walks around the pen, not having another trainer sit with him, not even leading him into the pond.  Nothing. Only when Brooke came back did he stop pacing. (Even the other birds always dropped whatever they were doing to give Brooke a warm welcome!)

Chick #5 at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland

Image: Operation Migration