Fall 2013 Ultralight-led Migration

Led by ultralight aircraft, this fall's young Whooping cranes of the new Eastern Flock migrate from Wisconsin to Florida.
Migration News

Weekly updates will be posted here on Mondays:

August 20: Getting Ready for Fall Migration
Operation Migration's target departure date: September 30!

September 23: Whooping Crane Migration About to Begin!
It's the final countdown to a hoped-for departure September 30.

September 30: Winds Halt Departure Plans
Southwinds are headwinds, so migration won't start today.

October 2: NEWSFLASH: Migration 2013 Begins!
They had perfect flying conditons and a short flight to Stopover #1!

October 7: Stalled at Stopover #1
Rain and winds foil Week One progress.

October 14: Finally Airborne Again!
After 11 days down, good flying condtions—and the birds—prevailed.

October 21: Some Miles and Much Cooperation
The October 17 flight proved the birds have the right stuff!

October 28: Now in Illinois!
Flights on Oct. 22 and 25 advanced the migration to 120 miles gone.

November 4: A Single Day of Progress
Birds eagerly flew 55 miles on Nov. 3 after 9 days grounded by winds.

November 11: Two Flights, 144-Mile Gain
The birds show they're ace fliers, but wind sare the foe of progress.

November 18: Hello, Kentucky! 453 Miles Gone
A double-leg flight today brought them from Illinois into Kentucky!

November 25: Now in Tennessee
A double-leg flight for the second day in a row brought them from Kentucky into Tennessee, where winds have stalled them for 6 days.

December 2: Alabama Tomorrow?
They're starting the week grounded at the last stop in Tennessee. How many good fly-days would finish the journey south?

December 9: Long Stall Continues
(Yawn.) This is day 10 grounded by weather since they landed at the last stop in Tennessee: Six tops and 465 miles to finish.

December 16: Trying to Cross Alabama
They’re in Winston County, Alabama, stopover #15 of 22. What challenges are they facing at 703 miles gone?

December 23: Skippity Doo-Dah!
Pilot Richard and four loyal cranes flew 101 miles to Chilton County, Alabama, in last week's only flight. 804 miles gone!

January 5: Migration Finished!
The awesome eight of the Class of 2013 completed their 1101-mile migration. They are home for the winter.









Progress map of stopovers
Fall 2013 Migration
(map | stopovers)

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