Week 4: One Attempt, No Progress (Total Gone: 47 Miles)
November 3, 2014
Weekly Updates

Despite a long-awaited, good-weather departure on Nov. 1 (day 23), they're still back in Columbia County, Wisconsin. The Nov. 1 flight ended with all birds eventually dropping out leading the team on a rodeo and wild chase for capture and crating the errant crane-kids. Disappointingly, the day ended back at Stopover 3, where they arrived on Oct. 26. Fall weather has been their foe, with wind and even snow. The 2013 migration reached Illinois and Stop #5 by this time last year. Until our next weekly summary on November 10, enjoy bio pages and find daily updates at Operation Migration's website. Check live action on Operation Migration's crane cam and flight cam channels.

Cranes $4 and #10 landed in a field after dropping out of thefNov. 1 flight.


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Fall 2014 crane migration map
Fall 2014 Migration
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