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Hatch-year 2015 of the Eastern Flock
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Crane 65-15 DAR
International Crane Foundation

Crane # 65-15 DAR (Leola)
Date Hatched June 8, 015
Gender Female
Left Leg Right Leg



Personality and Training:

Fiery and feisty, Leola (WCEP 65-15), hatched on June 8 and wasn’t afraid to show everyone who’s boss. It didn’t matter if the other chicks were twice her size, Leola wouldn’t hesitate to run after them, only realizing her grave mistake too late. Fortunately for her, she was always saved in the nick of time by her watchful costumed caretakers.

She was banded October 21. On November 3 the DAR colts were not put back in the pen and were allowed to come and go as they pleased. This was their release to freedom and wildness. They soon were flying and hanging out with sandhills and one adult whooper, #18-11.

Now we just need them to stay with the adult and migrate!

#65 and her bands
Fall 2015: On Dec 19, Crane #65-15 DAR, (with four DAR flock mates) departed from Horicon NWR. The group did not follow adult Whooping Cranes or sandhills as they headed south. On Dec. 21 in McHenry County, Illinois, Crane #65-15 split off from her DAR flock mates and joined up with about 30 Sandhill cranes. She migrated with them to the Goose Pond area where several adult Whooping cranes spend winter.

Spring 2016: Crane 65-15 (DAR) had begun to travel north by end of March and had reached Kosciusko Co, IN. In the next few days she moved southwest to Carroll County, IN, likely to escape strong winds the area during that interval. Instead of veering west, it seems she went straight north. She’s been moving north and south along the coast of Lake Michigan. She eventually figured out how to get around Lake Michigan and back into Wisconsin on her own! By early June she was with Parent Reared crane #27-14 in Marathon County, WI. They remained there the rest of the summer. The two cranes spent part of September in Marathon Co, WI, but started moving around Wood Co later in the month.

Fall 2016: Female 65-15 DAR and female PR #27-14 spent the beginning of October in Wood Co, WI, but moved back to Marathon County later in October. On Nov. 16, this year's PR #70-16 (his wing healed) was released near these two older cranes, but the older pair left and were reported in Jasper County, Indiana by Nov. 25 and at Wheeler NWR in Morgan County, AL, by early December. They remained there for the winter.

Spring 2017: Female 65-15 DAR (with female PR #27-14) began migration from Wheeler NWR, by the end of February. She was in Will County, IL as of March 22nd and next reported with juvenile parent-reared female #69-16. These two were together all of April and moved around, even made a trip south to northwestern Indiana. They are currently in Fond du Lac County, WI. Hooray for #65-15 for bringing the juvenile back!

Last Updated: 5/3/2017