Week 16: Getting Close (Total Gone: 959 Miles)
January 18, 2016
Weekly Update

Now in Georgia and within 150 miles of the finish line, the team has been grounded by rain, winds or fog since January 15. Winds aloft today, Day 101, are too strong for a safe flight to Decatur County, the final stop in Georgia. They reached their final stop in the long state of Alabama on January 13—but not without a rodeo when #2-15 kept battling #1-15 for the lead. The pilot dropped off the bully for crating and relaunched for a smoother flight to Pike County, AL. Again on January 14, bully crane #2 was crated and the five dedicated cranes flew to Clay County, Georgia. One pilot planned to return so #2 could fly solo with a plane and learn the route, but weather conditions deteriorated and she had to go by road. Until next Monday, stay in touch with daily updates and video cams at Operation Migration. We're getting close!

Which crane do you think is the independent #2-15?

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