Week Three: Two Advances (Total Gone: 50 Miles)
October 19, 2015
Weekly Update

The team advanced 14 miles to stop #2 in Marquette County, WI on Oct. 14, with two of the colts (#8, #11) traveling coach class (in crates, via road!). "It seems our Velcro-like birds of summer had lost some of their stickum," joked pilot Brooke. On October 18, day 19 of the migration, they gained another hard-earned 31 miles. It was a picture-perfect takeoff, but soon became a long morning of landings and takeoffs, captures and crates. In the end, the first bird to drop out was the only one to make it to Dane County, Wisconsin. They'll try again when the weather is right, and the travel pen at stop #4 will be ready and waiting. Read about the pen set-up here. Join us next Monday for our weekly progress summary. In the meantime, see daily updates and video cams at Operation Migration.

Class of 2015 on a migration flight
Doug Pellerin

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