Week Five: No Advances (Total Gone: 123 Miles)
November 2, 2015
Weekly Update

It's day 34 and winds keep the migration grounded in Winnebago County for the seventh day, but there's still plenty of good news: The young cranes are being released to fly just for exercise today. The team found a new landing site in LaSalle County, the next stop. And Crane #2-15's beak is all healed from the scrape she got last week. Halloween weekend is history, so how did the get-ups you saw compare to the costumes of Operation Migration's crew? Find out more with a close look here. Join us next Monday for our weekly progress summary. In the meantime, cross your fingers for good flying weather! Find daily updates and video cams at Operation Migration.

Opertaion Migration Costumes, good on Halloween or any day!
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