Week Seven: No Flights, No Progress (Total Gone: 294 Miles)
November 16, 2015
Weekly Update

In Piatt County, Illinois where the cranes landed a week ago today, the winds have been too strong or from the wrong direction to permit another flight. Two more stops remain in Illinois before they cross into Kentucky on their 7-state journey south. Good news came this week when W18-15 and parents #3-04 and #9-03 reached their wintering ground in northern Illinois on November 10 (below). What will they do when winter temperatures plummet? Check out W-18's bio page to learn the unusual way this colt's parents will likely teach the youngster to cope with the coldest winter weather. Join us next Monday for our weekly progress summary, keep your fingers crossed for smoother weather, and stay in touch with daily updates and video cams at Operation Migration.

W18-15 and parents on their southern Illinois wintering grounds
Leroy Harrison

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