Departure Delayed
September 20, 2015
Weekly Updates

The countdown continues on what would have been the departure day, but for a good reason: Unharvested crops still fill the fields of the first few migration stops where the birds and planes will land. Meanwhile, the cranes are still perfect—very attached to both the costume and the aircraft, making them great followers. The weather is cooperating, the aircraft are ready and Operation Migration's team is together and waiting for the "crops are in" green light from the stopover hosts. Last fall's departure was October 10th, and the average departure date is October 11th. The wait could be just a few more days, which would still place the departure way ahead of normal. Keep your fingers crossed and watch for a news flash on departure day. Regular weekly reports start on Mondays after migration begins!

Class of 2015 trains with the aircraft, September 13, 2015
Heather Ray, Operation Migration

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