Meet the Whooping Crane Class of 2016
Hatch-year 2016 of the Eastern Flock
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W7, age 3 months
Beverly Paulan, Wisconsin DNR
Crane # W7-16
Date Hatched May 24, 2016
Gender Male
Left Leg Right Leg



Chick #W7-16 hatched May 24 in the wild in Juneau County, WI to parents 29-09 and 12-03. By late August, he was the only remaining wild-hatched chick from the summer 2016 breeding season. On September 1st, W7-16 was captured and banded. W7 and his parents remained throughout September in Juneau County. The young colt gained strength every day as migration time grew nearer.

W7 with parents Aug. 8, 2016
#W-7 on August 8, 2016
Beverly Paulan, Wisconsin DNR
Fall 2016: Young 7-16 was last seen with parents in Juneau County on September 27 and his remains were found on October 11. Cause of death is suspected to be predation, due to tracks and scat in the area.
Last Updated: 10/14/2016