Failed Nest of Crane Pair 211 and 217: Spring 2006

The pair began incubating on April 11, 2006. This is the second year they built a nest and laid an egg.

When the pair was seen foraging together on April 21, it was a sign that they were no longer incubating the egg.

With the cranes away, experts checked the nest to find it empty.

No egg
remains were found in or near the nest. Experts did find this crane egg shell about 300 meters from
the nest. It was probably carried and dropped there by an avian predator.

Photos Richard Urbanek, WCEP

Try This! The Case of the Missing Eggs

Spring 2006 was the second year that Pair 211 and 217 had a failed nest. What might be some reasons? See our lesson: Nesting Errors: Learning From Mistakes