Comparing Ultralight-Led Migrations
Target date for departure
October 13
Actual departure
October 17
Number of birds at takeoff
Number of planes
4: lead, chase, scout, top cover
Journey's end
December 3
Number of birds reaching Florida
Total days en route
Number of no-fly days grounded
Number of actual flight days
Longest flight
2 hours 9 minutes
Shortest flight
38 minutes
Total Miles South
Number of birds surviving winter

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This was the world's first human-led migration of an endangered species. Birds of hatch year 2001 were the first birds in the Eastern flock of whooping cranes. They are the pioneers of a brand new flock being restored to part of the continent where they've been gone for over a century.

Crane #109 was removed from the flock before migration began and sent to a zoo.

Crane #111 died from stress after the health exam before the migration departed.

Crane #103 died in an October wind storm during the ultralight-led journey south. The pen was knocked down by high winds and the escaped bird hit a power line while flying in the dark.

Crane #104 was killed December 17, 2001 by a bobcat after being on the Chassowitzka wintering grounds just days.

Crane #110 was killed by a bobcat in January 2002, just weeks after arriving in Florida.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).