Powerline Injury Ends the life of Crane #208

Fall migration 2006
Photos WCEP
Crane #208 was found Dec. 23, 2006, under a powerline at his migration stopover in Indiana. He was in shock. He was rescued and taken immediately to doctors.
Doctors at the Indiana Zoo Hospital worked hard to save Crane #208. Why did the doctor cover #208's eyes by putting a hood over his head? (Hint: remember that the cranes have never seen humans.) Sadly, he died there on Dec. 27, 2006. He was a wonderful bird, and would likely have nested with his mate after returning from this migration.
This is the powerline that #208 ran into in December 2006. It is hard for cranes to see the wires because they don't see where the wires start and end.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).