How Does the Trike Help the Cranes in Flight?
Audio Clip (67 seconds)


Deke Clark, Operation Migration Pilot 2001

In this audio clip, Deke Clark gives you the answer—along with other good facts. Pilot Deke, with Joe Duff, led the first group of ultralight Whooping cranes on the historic 2001 migration. In tribute, Deke's name appears on one side of pilot Joe Duff's ultralight plane.

Listen to Deke for These Answers:
1. Deke refers to the "V" formation or chevron-shape flying formation in this audio clip. Draw a picture to show what this means.

2. You will hear Deke refer to soaring birds and flapping birds. What's the difference?

3. Deke will use the word vortex. Listen for a synonym for vortex. What creates the vortex?

4. To what human activity does Deke compare the flight of birds with an ultralight?

5. How do the trailing birds, which are flapping more than the lead birds, get a rest? All the answers are in this audio clip (67 sec.).

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).