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Lisa Harrison, University of Chicago Lab School, Gr. 2
(Chicago, Illinois)
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Our whooping crane study is well underway! The students are again so eager and invested in this study. They have had bake sales, done extra chores at home, and one girl even had a hot chocolate stand near Soldier Field and asked passing Chicago Bears fans for a donation! Here are some 2010 highlights. As you see, we are thinking about Whooping cranes all the time!

We were so fortunate to have Joe Duff come and visit again this year. He came on October 20th. To thank Operation Migration for making Joe's visit possible, the parents from my class donated over $1,000 to sponsor 5.5 Illinois miles for the Mile Maker campaign!
We are also working on the Change 4 Cranes fundraiser. The kids got creative in finding just the right container. They used baby wipes boxes, milk jugs, yogurt containers, etc. We can't wait to count the money that they have raised! Every penny counts!
Our school decorates the lobby with hands for a " Hands Around the World" theme to symbolize joy, peace, and community at this time of the year. Our hands this year are, of course, Whooping cranes! Imagine 24 of these "flying" across the wall!


For the second year, Ms. Harrison's second graders signed up for a "Change for Cranes" kit. Their official grand total was 1,178.21! "We beat last year's record by $33.18 so my second graders are thrilled!" reported Mrs. Harrison. Operation Migration's CraneCam and TrikeCam have been incredible additions to the learning experience for my students and a wonderful use of technology in the classroom. These photos show some highlights of their work and fun as tehy followed the Whooping Crane Class of 2009:
The kids took Operation MIgration's Change4Cranes boxes home and asked for support from family and neighbors. Everyone participated but a few students were extra creative. Nolan set up a hot chocolate stand. Maria and her sister Giulia serenaded neighbors in the lobby of their building with harp and violin.

We celebrated the arrival in Florida with a Whooping crane dance party. We all wore black, white and red clothing — like the cranes—and enjoyed an amazing cake with "blue crab juice."



Ms. Harrison's second graders signed up for a "Change for Cranes" kit and got lucky. Their class won a room visit from members of the Operation Migration team during the 2008 migration! They worked even harder to raise money for Operation Migration's Change 4 Cranes program. On January 5, 2009, the second graders of Room 309 sent the Team a check for a whopping $1145.03!
Second Graders Raise BIG Money for the Cranes and Operation Migration!
Ms. Harrison said, "Our original class estimate was around $989, but once the children realized that we were only $11 short of $1000, several children brought in more money the next day. The kids were so excited and motivated about this fundraiser. They were determined to beat the amount we raised last year ($568.84) and they did! The grand total raised by the second graders of Room 309 was (drum roll) $1145.03!
"Anna, who has had a real passion for this study, also did some creative fundraising. She produced a colorful 'Save Whooping Cranes' sign with pictures of the Whoopers on it (adults and chicks) and taped it to the back of a music stand. Anna, her mom, and her little brother Jonah became gypsies with violin, drum, and voice. They serenaded Metra travelers in the train station as they returned to Hyde Park from Downtown Chicago. The commuters were quite generous and some were very interested to hear about the class project." Lisa Harrison, Teacher
"Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Harper ( and little sister Greer) set up a hot chocolate stand to raise money for Operation Migration. It was lots of fun and a great success. The whole family got into it. They helped make origami cranes, schemed about the most effective way to sell them, made whipped cream to top the hot chocolate, kept the thermos full and talked up the neighbors." Lisa Harrison, Teacher

Operation Migration Visits Second Grade
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Ms. Harrison Goes to the Whooping Crane Festival
In September 2008, she got to sit in one of the ultralight planes used on the migration!