Take-home Project:
Arrival Log for the Eastern Flock's Spring Migration

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When seven Eastern flock cranes had completed spring migration to Wisconsin, Mrs. Black shared the good news. Then she polled her class and the response was unanimous: despite the winter's sad events, everyone wanted to monitor the Eastern Flock's spring arrival on the Wisconsin nesting grounds! Mrs. Black tells how she offered monitoring as a take-home project so students and families could share the excitement together:

  1. I ran off a class set of Journey North's Crane Home Page and used a highlighter on each copy to indicate the page URL, plus the links to the finish line chart, the map showing the location of both flocks and the Spring 2007 news.
  2. Then, I ran off a class set of the "Finish Line" and Arrival Log pages (by playing with the browser a bit, I was able to get the chart portion for the 2-years olds and 1-year olds on page two).
  3. Before the kids left for the day, I read aloud the arrival dates for the seven cranes that had already arrived at Necedeh NWR and the kids filled the dates in on their tracking sheets.
  4. When we got to the three birds that arrived on March 20th, I told the kids to put stars beside them, because they are special. It took a few guesses, but eventually someone surmised who they were (The First Family). The kids were all REALLY happy to hear that THEY were home!



Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).