Operation Migration (O.M.) Team 2009

Meet the team that shows captive-bred Whooping Crane chicks where to migrate by leading the way in ultralight airplanes!
(Click on photos for more about each person.)

Ultralight Pilots
Joe Duff
Richard van Heuvelen
Brooke Pennypacker
Chris Gullikson
Matt Ahrens


Top-Cover Pilots
Don and Paula Lounsbury
Jack Wrighter
John Cooper


Ground Crew
Bev Paulan
Erin Harris
Geoffrey Tarbox
Walter Sturgeon
Gerald Murphy
Dave and Linda Boyd
Brian Claussww
wwCharlie Shafer
* and more. . .

*Charlie took over from Brian on Oct. 31. After a two-week duty, Charlie in turn will be relieved by Sharon Marroulis, also a biological services technician (BST) from Patuxent Wildlife Research Center where the birds hatched. Jane Chandler, Patuxent’s Flock Manager, will take over from Sharon, followed Robert Doyle (BST). LIke Brian, Robert also spends part of each summer in Wisconsin with the Flight Training team. If migration isn't complete by Christmas, Brian Clauss will return to duty, and if necessary, Barb Clauss (BST), will take over from Brian. All are from Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland.

Education and Outreach Workers
Heather Ray
Liz Condie


Meet other key WCEP partners helping with the migration.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).