Letter-writing Campaign to BP Oil Company

Since Nekoosa is a very small town, and the BP gas station is right on the corner, students suggested sending letters to BP. BP claims to care about the environment and our natural resources, so we thought this seemed like a fitting idea. Each student wrote a letter to the Chairman and President of BP America. Letters explained the mission and purpose of Operation Migration (O.M.) and requested BP's help in the form of money or gas to help O.M. pay for the migration to save this endangered species. They folded and sent 625 paper cranes (one to represent every two miles of the migration route).
The students packed up their letters together with origami cranes they made in their crane factory.
They decorated the outside of the boxes, too, to show the importance of the contents. Unfortunately, BP did not respond. The local BP station, however, supported students in helping raise funds for Operation Migration and their important work by joining with other local businesses in selling the students' cranes.