Students Turn Wisconsin's Biggest Paper Crane into
The Candy Crane!
Now the 2007 "Giant Crane" is getting red paint stripes as students turn it into "The Candy Crane."
After painting stripes on the crane, the students moved it. They carried it carefully down the hall. It was on its way to the Nekooka town park for everyone to see. Luckily, it made it through the doors. They worried that it might get stuck!
A parent with a pick up truck was waiting for the precious cargo. Winds were gusting nearly 20 miles per hour that day so they tied the crane to the truck.
In the park, a brave dad climbed a ladder on a cold day to help hang the crane. The kids had stuffed the crane with cardboard to help with support. That made it heavy, and the kids joked that "Candy Crane" would go on a diet after the holidays to lose some weight.
Three cheers for the proud class of Craniacs who helped to put up the "Candy Crane."
By the end of November, the Candy Crane was hanging for display in Nekoosa's town's park. Right after it was hung, a gust of wind caught under the crane and it looked as if it took flight!
A 4th grader is by the crane in the park on the day of the celebrations. Unfortunately, the "Candy Crane" got wiped out by about 2 inches of new snowfall. But everyone agreed it was fun while it lasted!