Crane Factory 2006 Helps Raise Funds for Operation Migration

After the letters to BP, many students wanted to take the fundraising idea further. They wanted to get active on a local level. Heidi and Wendy "set aside our lunch and after-school times, opened our classrooms, set out a couple laptop computers, and let the kids loose! Their current plan is to sell the remaining paper cranes at local businesses for $1 each, all proceeds going to Operation Migration. Students have written phone scripts to do their own calling of local merchants asking if they would be willing to participate. They've made posters explaining the fundraiser to hang up in local businesses. They've also written scripts, which they will read over the public address system here at school 'advertising' the idea to their schoolmates in other grades. They will be calling local TV and radio stations to ask for air time to gain support from the rest of Nekoosa and surrounding communities."
In front of his mom's store at the mall, Nick sold cranes made by the students in their "crane factory." The fundraising idea was great fun and The fourth graders raised $560.00 for Operation Migration. Nick raised $200.00 on his own from his table at the mall!
The students folded origami paper cranes during lunch time and after school for their crane factory.
They made hundreds of paper cranes!