Craniacs and their Paper Cranes on Parade
The town of Nekoosa's Christmas holiday fun included a parade. The Craniacs wanted to take part so they created a float. Their float was "The Christmas Crane Clan Celebrates in Florida." On the parade day, a major winter storm headed in to Nekoosa. The parade was cancelled. But the students did their own mini parade through the school parking lot. THey think it set a record in Nekoosa, Wisconsin for the shortest parade: only one float. But they REALLY had fun. Here's a look!
It took only one day to complete the float for the parade. WOW!
Hmmm. Will the cranes stand for the whole parade or not? They might need some reinforcement. . .
Some clever students came up with a plan to put boxes under the cranes' wings for support.
The float included a palm tree with lights and lots of presents too. It was awesome!
When parade day finally came, it was 12 degrees below zero! BRRR! It warmed up to nearly 15 degrees above zero by parade time, but it was so windy that a few float riders had to hold up the heads and tails of the cranes.
Nearly 100 4th Grade Craniacs participated in the one-float parade. All were extremely excited.

About 1/2 of the Craniacs were able to wear the Nekoosa Craniac logo that Mrs. Hartman created for them.

It was a short parade, only 10 minutes. The 4th grade Craniacs were grateful to the 5th-8th graders and their teachers for coming out in the bitter cold and watching. Well done, terrific 4th grade Craniacs!