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Make Your Own 3-D POP-UP Paper Cranes!

Thanks to their classmate Amy, students at Harriett Todd P.S. in Orillia, Ontario* are making 3-D cranes as part of an integrated study of the Whooping crane migration.

Try It!
Here are Amy's simple step-by-step directions:

Step 1: Take two pieces of white paper or card stock. Fold each one in half.
Step 2: Nest the two sheets of paper together. Put the folded edge closest to you and draw a crane silhouette on the outside of the folded paper with the base of the bird along the fold.
Step 3: Keeping the papers together, cut out the crane. Do not cut along the folded edge.
Step 4: Draw the beak, eye, neck and head colouring on both sides of each crane silhouette.
Step 5: Make a base. With the cutouts nested into one another, glue or tape the crane silhouettes to the base.
Amy with her pop-up crane and her Journey North t-shirt! (click photo to enlarge)

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