Youth Conservationists of the Year:
Sisters Raise $2,500 for the Cranes!

Photo Chillicothe Independent, Chillicothe, Illinois

As of April 18, 2007, Nadia and Eve's sales of folded cranes had raised $2,500! In April the girls were invited to sell cranes at the Illinois Audubon annual convention. There the girls were awarded the Youth Conservationist of the Year award. They didn’t know they were getting it, so they were very surprised! Do you see their their awards on the table? The girls built this display for the occasion. The local news and two newspapers carried their story, with MORE good results. A reader decided to give a $2,000 match, plus the company she works for has a matching gift fund, and will donate another $2,000!

In late July 2007, the girls and their parents will meet up with Operation Migration pilot Joe Duff at Necedah NWR where he'll be training the chicks in the Class of 2007 to follow the ultralight.

Well done, Nadia and Eve. Congratulations!

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Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).