Thank You!
Abby Studnicka, Home School Teacher
(Chillicothe, Illinois)

"My 9 year old daughter and I have been following the Whooping Crane reintroduction through the wonderful Journey North website, and the OM field journals, for many months with homeschooling. I used to be an intern, many years ago, at the International Crane Foundation, so I have been passionate about cranes for a long time." Abby Studnicka
Nadia Helps the Cranes Slide Show >>

Video Clip: Nadia demonstrates folding origami cranes at the 2008 Necedah Crane Fest >>

Earlier Stories and Photos

Folding Paper Cranes/Fundraising. More photos >>

Press Coverage. A local journalist wrote our story to help us get the word out. >>

Illinois Audubon Society. After seeing the article in the Chillicothe Independent, the Illinois Audubon Society congratulated us on our efforts and invited us to sell our cranes at their annual meeting in spring 2007.

Sisters Win Conservationist of the Year Award. The girls raised $2,500 for the cranes! Their efforts earned them an award, and their story inspired others to donate money, too. See their Earth Day display.


After the storm deaths of the Clas of 2006, "I decided that I wanted to help my girls take a tragedy and make some good come from it. They have learned lessons on science, math, and geography... through your site. Now they are learning about grief, and making something positive come from it. They are learning that as children, they can make the world a better place if you dedicate yourself to a cause close to your heart, and persevere. I am hoping to inspire other children to know that they too can make a difference in the world."

Abby Studnicka, Home School Teacher