Bev Paulan

Hear Bev tell the hardest part of wearing the costume.

Bev Paulan served as O.M.'s Supervisor of Field Operations from 2005 until January 2010. Now she helps as a crane tracker when needed. Bev is from Antioch, IL. She has a college degree in biology and is also a pilot who knows how to fly ultralights and other planes. She had her own charter plane service for 15 years. Bev also worked as a teacher at a wildlife rehabilitation center. She has a college degree in biology.

She was known as "Chick Mama" because she was involved with each year's chicks from hatch in Maryland to release in Florida after migration. As a member of the winter monitoring team she stayed in Florida after the chicks arrived. She helped watch over the young cranes as they became wild and free. Then she traveled to Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland to start all over again with new chicks hatched for the ultralight-led migration.

In mid-January, 2010, Bev left Operation Migration to take a ppilot job with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Part of her new job will be tracking bears, wolves—and sometimes the Eastern flock's Whooping cranes! Bev is stationed near Necedah NWR.

Audio clips courtesy Mark Chenoweth of Whoopers Happening.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).