A Visit to See the Cranes at Muscatatuck NWR in Indiana

November 17 and 18, 2007
Meet Walker Miller-Breetz. He's a 4th grader in Lori Trout's class at JFK Montessori School in Louisville, Kentucky. Mrs. Trout and her husband John invited Walker to drive north into Indiana when the cranes were at the Jackson County, IN stopover site. They hoped to see the cranes depart in a public viewing on Nov. 17. When the weather didn't cooperate, they returned again on Nov. 18. They still didn't get to see the cranes fly overhead, but Walker DID have some fun!
It was too windy for the cranes to take off. But the crew visited the people who came to watch. Operation Migration's Megan helped Walker put on the crane costume!
Megan showed Walker how the puppet can dispense mealworms.
Walker tried the puppet on.
These are some other folks who hoped to see the cranes fly overhead. The pilots took a test flight and discovered it was too windy to have a good flight.
Walker got his photo taken with members of the Operation Migration team. Here you see Richard, Brian, Megan, Joe, Walker, Chris, and Nathan. It turned out to be a great day after all!