From the Field:
Video Clips of the Work at Patuxtent WRC

It’s a rare thing to hear or see a Whooping crane, but video clips make it possible. These were taken at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC) in Maryland. (This is where most of the ultralight-led crane chicks have been hatched.) The speaker is Dr. George Gee.


Video 2 (20 sec.)

In Video 1 we hear and see a magnificent whooper as Dr. Gee reminds us there’s only ONE self-sustaining population of Whooping cranes in the world. Why do experts want to change that?

In Video 2 Dr. Gee explains the work of Patuxent WRC. Listen for some ways PWRC helps endangered Whooping cranes. See a beautiful whooper fly and land.

Try This! Learn more about Dr. George Gee as he teaches us about dominance and submission in Whooping Cranes.