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August 23, 2003

Moving Day: All Cranes Together!


Video: Joe Explains Combining Cohorts
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All the birds were joined in one large cohort today! After cohort 1's flight training this morning, the birds followed Brooke Pennypacker's ultralight to their new home at the east site. On the way, Brooke and the birds "buzzed" the observation tower on the refuge. This gave the two observers--including Journey North's Jane Duden--a big thrill! Cohort two/three birds had arrived at the new home earlier this morning. The groups are divided by a fence. This lets them get used to each other without getting into fights. Soon the fence will be removed. The birds can then mingle face-to-face, working out their pecking order. This is an important step, and it happened 26 days earlier this year than last!

Click on the video link under the photo to hear Project Leader Joe Duff explain today's events. Why did Joe stay airborne? How did Joe help Brooke?


Try This! Journaling Question
  • What precautions are the handlers taking in order to keep the cranes as safe as possible when they put them together?

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