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September 13, 2002

Foggy Days and Watching for Stress


Foggy Mornings at the Refuge.
Photo J.Duff for WCEP

Seasonal changes are happening in Wisconsin. Morning fog is present almost every morning at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge The night air is much cooler now, but the sun warms the wetlands during the day. Knowing this, can you explain the fog?

Fog is pretty, but it can be a problem and delay training. The late-August health check and banding caused over two weeks delay in training. Every day counts for building the cranes' endurance as migration time approaches. Weather delays are a worry for the training team. The birds are still adjusting to their new "leg jewelry" and the stress of their banding and health checks.

Try This! Journaling Question
  • Kirke Anderson Elsass and his Fantastic 2001 Science Project

    How do you think cranes show it when they're feeling stressed? Write some ideas in your journal. Then don't miss what 9th-grader Kirke Anderson Elsass found out about measuring stress in cranes during his science project:

    Kirke's Science Project: Measuring Stress in Cranes

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