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October 18, 2003
Day 3

Taking a Break
#303 (wings out) is reunited with her cohort!

The cranes didn't take off today, staying in Sauk County, Wisconsin in the face of winds that were WSW at 10 mph. It was sunny and cool.

Heather notes, "Female crane #303 reunited with cohort late yesterday. No signs of aggression displayed. She will remain on restricted movement (crated) for at least 10-days before allowing her to attempt a morning flight with the group. Many thanks to Dr. Barry Hartup and the staff at ICF for their hard work with this crane."

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Try This! Journaling Questions

  • It would be much simpler to keep #303 at the International Crane Foundation until her leg was fully healed, and then make one trip transporting her. Why do you think the WCEP team is going to take all the trouble to crate #303 each day to transport her to join the other cranes? Make a list of ways this will help #303 and the rest of the flock.


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