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October 28, 2004
Migration Day 19

Headwinds Again!
Going nowhere again. OM

A breeze @ 11 mph from the east/southeast is keeping them firmly grounded today. If you think you're frustrated, imagine how the team feels! They might be tempted to open their Boredom Box already. Each year, Wisconsin teacher Mrs. Lambert packs up a box for the migration team. They save it to open when they're really bored on no-fly days. (It doesn't usually get opened until someplace in Tennessee.) What do you suppose she puts in that box to keep them busy?

Keeping the pens and vehciles and planes in good repair keeps the team busy most days. They also write reports. Still, they may have spare time. They chopped a huge pile of wood for the landowner at one stopover site. Meanwhile, the birds are happily foraging. They were released this morning for some much-needed exercise.

The migration distance remains stalled at 192.1 statute miles gone.

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Make a list of items you'd like to find in the Boredom Box if you were a pilot or ground crew member. Include fun things that could keep you busy on dreary weather days and long, dark nights. Since Mrs. Lambert is a Middle School teacher, what things do you think she put in the Boredom Box she made?
  • Is your migration chart caught up with tally marks for the number of no-fly days?

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