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October 31, 2002
Day 19



All 16!

Another FIRST! All 16 whoopers lifted off with Richard in the lead plane--and all 16 stayed with him for the entire flight! (Joe, Brooke and Bill said they could have stayed in bed.) The rainy morning brought a late start (8:40 a.m.), but it was a great day. They landed at 9:47 a.m. in Benton County, Indiana, adding 43.3 miles to their journey. The ground crew had the pen ready and led the eager birds in for fresh water and chow after the flight. Well done!

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Try This! Journaling Question

  • How long did the birds fly today? What speed?
  • If you were on the crew, what would you like best about traveling with the migration? Many people ask Heather this question. She answers: "Without discounting the pleasure and sheer joy experienced each day we have the privilege of seeing these awe-inspiring cranes flying toward their new winter habitat, the very best part is actually two parts combined. It's the method we are traveling, shared with the fantastic and genuine people we join at each of our stopover locations." And here's Joe, telling you how he feels about what he does:

    Audio Clip: Joe Duff Talks About Flying With the Cranes

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