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October 31, 2003
Day 16

Halloween Booo (Hooo). No Go.

It's the same story as yesterday, with strong south winds and warm temps. Such weather is lovely for your own outdoor activity but in Heather's words, "awful weather for guiding young Whooping cranes south." Check back tomorrow!

Route of Ultralights & Cranes
Try This! Journaling Question and Invitation
  • If the final distance for this year's migration is an average of the final distance for 2001 and 2002, how far will the cranes travel in all? (Get the final distances for the 2001 and 2002 migrations from Heather's chart.) Now think of your own math problem, using these numbers.
  • When the weather allows the migration to move again, the folks of Operation Migration invite everyone to come out to the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge near Seymour, Indiana to see an early morning departure. Pull out a map of Indiana. Do you live close enough to view this historic reintroduction effort in action? From Hwy 50 east of Seymour, use the refuge main entrance and go about 4.5 miles to Sandhill Pond parking lot. It is on the west side of the road and will likely offer a good vantage point on departure morning. The migration is now two stops away from this location, so stay tuned.

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