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November 3, 2001
Day 18

Record-setting Flight into Indiana!

Photo Operation Migration

At long last--good weather, and everyone was REALLY ready to fly! The team left Kankakee County, IL (which was 255 miles from Necedah) at 6:32 a.m. for another record flight time. They flew for 2 hours and 9 minutes, landing at 8:32 a.m. in Boone County, Indiana and covering 91.4 miles! A very slight tailwind helped, but the temperature was very warm (74F/24C) for the birds to make such a long flight. Joe reports that the five birds began panting with about 10 miles remaining until their destination. Crane #7 dropped out about 10 miles into the flight, and Joe has an idea why: He said that seconds before take-off when the birds are released from the pen, they sometimes get tangled in the excitement. As a result, crane #7 was behind right from the start and couldn't quite catch up to the others. So it simply dropped out. The crane tracking crew found him, and Crane #7 and Crane #4 made the trip by truck in special crates. All seven birds are hunkered down and resting from a terrific flight.

Try This! Journaling Questions

  • What is the total distance the birds have covered in the migration so far? How many miles to go?
  • Besides panting, what are some other clues the birds might give to show they are getting tired from flying? (We'll play an audio clip of Joe's answer in a few days, so record your thoughts to compare.)

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