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November 4, 2003
Day 20

Stalled Again by Weather
Day 4 in Morgan County, IN

It's another day of stalled progress in Morgan County, Indiana due to warm weather and strong south breezes aloft. Heather Ray reminds us: "This isn't a race so there is no need to ask them to fight a headwind stronger than was forecast. If these young whoopers were on their own southward journey, unassisted by an aircraft to show them the way, they would be smart and not travel into a headwind." The good news is that a cold front is expected to push through the area tonight, bringing winds out of the NNW (north/northwest). If there's no rain with that new weather system, they should be able to get out of here tomorrow morning. But don't go away! We've got a fun challenge for you, below.

Try This! Journaling Question
  • This is the fourth day at the Morgan County stopover site. What do you think makes a good stopover site for an ultralight-led migration? Brainstorm ideas. Keeping the equipment, birds, and protocol in mind, can you think of five good requirements? After you do this, see how your list compares to Joe's: What Makes a Good Stopover Site for an Ultralight-led Migration?

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