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November 9, 2002
Day 28

Still Grounded in Indiana


Group of 13, Hendricks County

The weather is the same as yesterday: strong headwinds from the southwest.The flock and team remain divided in two locations, eager to get reunited again. Each group of whoopers is safe inside a predator-proof enclosure. Each has a motorhome nearby where separated members ofthe migration team stay. The humans are watching movies and making balloon creatures to help pass the time. Heather adds: "Mark and Dan are getting very artistic with an Etch-a-sketch, thanks to Darlene and her thoughtful boredom box, which she gave us before departing the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge."

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Do you imagine that the group of 13 and the group of 3 are aware that the whole flock isn't there? Do you think the birds might work out a new social order if and when they come together again?

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