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November 11, 2002
Day 30

Go Birds, Go!


Photo OM, WCEP

The two groups of cranes were united again in the last planned stop in Indiana: Jennings County. Hooray! Some flew and some rode. The group of 13, 11 led by Brooke and 2 led by Joe, had smooth sailing after take off. Over Brown County, the two pilots found themselves at 3200 ft. altitude in smooth air. The air was bumpy at lower altitudes and the cranes were in great shape, so they decided to keep going. They went on to Jennings county, one stopover site beyond Morgan and the last scheduled stop in Indiana.

At Hendrix County, Cranes #9, #12, and #13 ended up in a truck. The pilots were doubtful that they would be able to convince the three juveniles to climb through rough air to smoother air at 3000 ft. altitude. They did not want to risk losing any birds during a flight in less-than-ideal conditions. The flyers covered 65 miles in 1 hour 52 minutes. It's great to be together again, with ONE- THIRD of the trip complete!

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  • The migration stands at 432.5 miles gone. If the journey is 1225 miles, what percent of the migration is completed?

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