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November 12, 2003
Day 28

Ho Hum...

No go again today. The entire Northeast and parts of the Midwest are under a strong wind warning issued by the National Weather Service. The migration is affected on the southern fringes of the same system that is dumping rain and producing high winds for their families (and maybe yours!) at home. A cold front is expected to arrive later this evening, just what the cranes and trikes need to get moving again.

Heather says the cranes are doing great: "Crane #303 is right back to the social status she occupied prior to surgery in early October. If the team worries at all about any of the birds, I'd have to say it's #302. In Dan's words, 'he's turned into a bit of a fruitcake' in that if he happens to get a late start out of the pen, he appears to get frustrated and will either turn back, as he did earlier this week at Muscatatuck, or ends up with an ultralight all to himself, as he did during the flight to our current location."


Try This! Journaling Question
  • Compare today's progress to one week ago, when our lead was 10 days ahead of last year. What's the status now?
  • How would you fill in the blank for this statement that Heather wrote in the flight log for today? "Nine of us knocked on the front door of our hosts last night, bearing two birthday cakes, complete with candles, and were invited into the home that he and his bride have lived in for more than half a century, to celebrate Charles' 78th birthday. We really wouldn't want to leave so soon if it weren't for the fact that ___________."

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