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November 12, 2004
Migration Day 34

Another Weather Stall in Jennings Cty, IN
Photo OM

It's day four of weather delays at the Muscatatuck NWR in Jennings County, Indiana. A low pressure system produced record rainfalls yesterday, and it hasn't left the area. Cloud ceilings of only 300 feet make today's planned flight impossible. The system is expected to clear out this morning, but then north winds should be blowing at 20-25 mph. One more day to wait until crossing into the next state, which is ___ (fill in the blank). Holding at 443.7 miles gone.

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Which young crane were they worried about last year on this date? Why? Which crane do you think is causing the most worry during the 2004 migration? Why?

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