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November 13, 2004
Migration Day 35

A Small Gain, But Still in Indiana
Photo OM

All 14 crane-kids seemed eager to move on as they lined up behind Richard's trike in one of the best liftoffs so far. The crowd that braved the cool autumn air at Muscatatuck NWR in Jennings County, Indiana was treated to a beautiful sight (see photo). Shortly after disappearing from the crowd's view, all but four birds broke from Richard. Brooke moved in to pick them up and they continued on course with a slight tailwind. But the good conditions fizzled 18 minutes into the flight. They still had 25 miles to the planned stop at Oldham County, Kentucky. Winds had increased, become unsteady, and swung around to the east-southeast. This could mean a dangerous wind sheer, which occurs at the point where winds coming out of different directions meet each other. The pilots were had a tough time controlling the heavy wings of their aircraft. They decided to find the best possible field below and land. Better safe than sorry!

The pen crew arrived shortly afterward. The cranes are safely on the ground and the crew is scattered. One RV is staying at the pensite, and the others at a nearby campground. They're 21 miles farther, but Kentucky will have to wait till tomorrow.

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • How many miles has the migration come so far?
  • Even though the crew is eager to make progress south, how did today's flight show they put caution and safety first? When have you decided not to take a chance, but to postpone an activity and wait for safer conditions? How did you feel about your decision?

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