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November 18, 2002
Day 37

Up, Up and Away!


Photo OM, WCEP

After three days down, the birds were airborne again. This was a day when they really had to fly high. They reached 3,500 feet over the Cumberland Plateau, which gave last year's cranes such a hard time. (See last year's Nov. 12 and 13 reports.) The temperature was 23 degrees F when they left Fentress County, and they had headwinds in addition to mountainous terrain. But these amazing birds added 65.15 miles, which means they've come 687.3 miles. Twelve birds flying with Richard landed first, followed by 1 bird (Crane #9) with Brooke. Last came three birds with Joe: Cranes #1, #18 and #5.

Read Joe's pilot log entry describing the challenges of this difficult mountain crossing:

Up, Up and Over the Cumberland Plateau

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Try This! Journaling Question
  • Last year the cranes reached Terrell County, Georgia (31.78N, -84.45W) on this date, which was Day 33 of that migration. They had covered 980 miles and had only one more stop before they crossed into Florida. How many days and how many miles are they behind last year's migration?

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