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November 19, 2001
Day 34

Too Warm and Windy to Fly

Photo Operation Migration


With everyone in position and ready for lift-off, top cover pilot Paula Lounsbury reported the temperature aloft was 55F and that there was a headwind. The GPS indicated that the 60-mile flight planned for today would have taken more than 2 hours to complete. The warm temperatures and the headwind would mean a difficult flight for the birds, so the team decided to stay put in Terrell County, GA. Will tomorrow's winds be favorable? Will tomorrow be the day the cranes pass the 1,000-mile mark? And what's up with Crane #4?

Heather Ray gave us the update. Crane #4 will be delivered to Florida with his flock mates to spend the winter. The team hopes that he will return with the flock when they migrate north in the spring, The team has been reluctant to try flying him during the migration trip because they can't run the risk of #4 dropping out again and perhaps influencing another bird to go with him. Even though he had a habit of dropping out of his flight sessions with the trike during training, he did fly very well with the flock
when they ventured out on their own. That's why the team would like to see Number 4 stay in the experiment.

Try This! Journaling Question

  • How far are the cranes from their final destination? When do you predict they'll arrive?

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