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November 21, 2004
Migration Day 43

No Go: Fog Blankets the Refuge
Photo Joe Duff, WCEP

The team hoped to leave Tennessee and cross into Georgia today. Again the weather foiled plans. The pilots sat waiting at the airport, while the pen crew waited in the field near the cranes' pen. Heather and others waited at at the public lookout. All were in radio contact, reporting any changes in the fog. Alas, the fog hung around. Then a fast-moving rain system moved in. For now, they're stuck at  697.2 statue miles at Hiwassee State Wildlife Refuge--with Georgia just one flight away.

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Last year on this day, the cranes refused to cross Walden Ridge in headwinds. The migration had to turn back and try again the next day. As you know, this year's crossing was the best in the four years of these migrations. Have you ever faced a challenge that took you a few tries before success? What were the obstacles? How did you feel? Write about your challenge in your journal.

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