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November 23, 2003
Day 39

Standing Down for Headwinds

Location: Cumberland County, TN. With winds from the south at 15 mph, it's no day to attempt flying the difficult leg that awaits (see yesterday's report for a description of the challenges of Walden Ridge). Then take on your own challenges with today's journaling questions below.

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Did you know that the Eastern flock cranes include many siblings? You know that all eggs for this flock have come from the captive cranes, and you can check out their "Family Tree" on the OM Web site. As you look at the Family Tree, take a moment to list your questions about this topic in your journal. For instance, you might wonder: Will any of the siblings (chicks who come from the same parents) get together as mates? What are the genetic risks, if any? After you ponder this question, see what Aransas NWR Biologist Tom Stehn thinks.
  • Where was the migration a year ago today? Two years ago today? (See map above, and Heather's timeline.) How many days do you think this migration will end up compared to those in years 2001 and 2002?

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