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November 26, 2003
Day 42

Headwinds Force a Rest at Hiwassee
Female #107 at Hiwassee Nov. 26, 2003. Photo OM/WCEP

After yesterday's exhausting aerial crane rodeo in getting off the Cumberland Plateau, you might think they'd all be taking the day off to rest. They are, but only because the GPS units of the airborne pilots showed that headwinds at 10 knots would mean four hours of flying to reach their next stopover site 49 miles south. They decided to stand down at their final Tennessee stop: Hiwassee State Wildlife Refuge in Meigs County. Guess who's also enjoying Hiwassee's lovely marshes? Wonderful Female crane #107, and another crane unidentified as yet for certain—but possibly her flockmate, male #106!

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