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December 1, 2004
Migration Day 53

No Go: Wind Damages Ultralight
Photo OM

The weather system still holds the migration hostage in a large bowl-like valley of Walker County, GA. The good news is that it's leaving the area. They should be able to leave tomorrow.

The bad news is the wind damage to Brooke's ultralight. The trailer where the pilots slept was rocking and rolling in last night's wind. The aircraft were tied down outside, nestled in front of aline of trees to help as windbreak. This morning they found Joe's and Richard's aircraft still firmly in place. But Brooke's tiny plane was hanging by its large wing from several low limbs of a tree. All three wheels were off the ground. It was a job to untangle the trike and set it down gently. The thin branches lashed at Brooke's face, so that drops of blood and gasoline now stains the wing. The team is scrambling to locate the necessary parts to repair Brooke's ailing aircraft. Heather summed it up: "With a bit of luck, and a reprieve from Mother Nature, we might just make it to Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge in Florida next week—even if one of the small aircraft has to hobble across the finish line."

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Try This! Journaling Questions
  • What incredible thing happened a year ago today on last year's migration?
  • We all know Walker County (the "Bowl") wasn't the best stopover site. What do you think the team looks for in choosing a stopover site? Brainstorm a list, the see:
    What Makes a Good Stopover Site? (Joe Duff)

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