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December 3, 2003
Day 49

Still Waiting for the Right Winds

Brooke and cranes by pen in Terrell Cty, GA
Photo OM

With 954.1 miles gone and Florida just one leg away, it's tough to wait, but that's the only choice for today. It's cold and clear in Terrell County, Georgia, with winds at 12 mph from the east-southeast. What direction do the winds need to be before the team will take off again? What make's a fly-able day? Here's the pilot's checklist:

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Try This! Journaling Question
  • These young cranes gew up among wolves and ravens at Necedah NWR, while Chassahowitzka is home to anhingas, manatees, oysters, blue crabs and other critters not in Wisconsin. What dangers will the young cranes have to avoid it they are to survive the winter? Write your predictions, then see if you want to add more after you review our flock chart for the 2001 cranes to see what happened to two of those cranes shortly after arrival, and listen to Ranger Jennifer Rabuck talk about Wisconsin and Florida predators.

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Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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