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December 5, 2004
Migration Day 57

Not Even 80 Miles to Go!
Almost home!
Photo OM

They're on a roll! For the fourth exciting day in a row, the Whooping cranes and migration team knocked off more miles. They've now come 1124 miles to Gilchrist County, FL.—within 70-80 miles of the finish line! Weather tomorrow is expected to turn against them, so they aren't planning to fly. Instead they will tend to final details at the arrival site: Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge near Homosassa, FL. (See map below.)

A Public Flyover Coming
Soon the waiting public will have a chance to see the magnificent flyers of hatch year 2004. The earliest date would be Tuesday, Dec. 7. As always, it all depends on the weather. The Crystal River Shopping Mall will again be the scene of the public flyover. It is located on US Hwy #19 at the north end of the town of Crystal River. The public is invited to gather at 8:00 a.m. on the grassy area located at the northwest entrance to the mall to watch the birds fly the final flight of their first journey south. It promises to be an unforgettable experience. They've now come 1124.0 miles. Keep your fingers crossed for good flying weather and a safe journey's end!

Map the Migration
Make your own map using the latest migration data

Try This! Journaling Questions
  • Look at the Refuge maps below. (Click to enlarge). Each is home to the world's endangered Whooping cranes. What do you notice about the geography of each? What makes each a good place for Whooping Cranes? Consider the human populations and human activities of each location. What disadvantages or outright dangers to cranes can you think of, if any? (See topics our our Lessons, Activities and Information page.)
    Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge
    Crystal River, FL

    Winter Home, Eastern Flock
    Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
    Austwell, Texas
    Winter Home, Western Flock

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