Whoopers for Wisconsin?

    Role Assignment

Read the following situation. Your job will be to persuade the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team to agree with your group's perspective, so read carefully, taking on the role of

Wisconsin Cranberry Grower:

Wisconsin is the third largest producer of cranberries in the United States. Because growing cranberries involve large amounts of water combined with some pesticides and herbicides, Wisconsin Cranberry Growers Association has been under pressure from citizens questioning its changing habitat in a negative manner that should incite any unrest. Unfortunately, it is an election year and candidates are eager to seize upon any potential threat to the citizens of their jurisdiction. The cranberry growers are eager to find a way to enhance their public image so that consumers will continue to purchase their products.

Many of the growers currently have several types of wildlife living on their marshes and reservoirs. Ducks, geese, swans and sandhill cranes all frequent the marshes. This is by no means a problem for growers. They enjoy watching the animals raise their young and spend leisurely summer days on their property. In fact, some growers are eager to see the beautiful white whooping cranes among the species on the bogs.

The word "cranberry" is actually derived from "crane-berry" due to the appearance of the fragile cranberry blossoms and the red berry's striking resemblance to the head and neck of a crane.

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