Whoopers for Wisconsin?

    Role Assignment

    Read the following situation. Your job will be to persuade the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team to agree with your group's perspective, so read carefully, taking on the role of

    National Farming Organization:

    Farming in today's world is far tougher than most people imagine. Your life depends on being able to keep your equipment running during vital planting and harvesting times. You need luck for rain and sun in just the right amounts. And if all that goes all right, the market is a very unstable factor.

    You are used to growing corn and soybeans. The last several years have been increasing difficult. Poor weather was just the start of the troubles. The market has dropped drastically. It is impossible to break even come harvest time. By the time you figure your planting costs, taxes, equipment maintenance and other expenses, you really can't afford to harvest the crops without a substantial market upswing.

    To make things worse, on the few acres and individual crops that you could earn money on, you must fight wildlife for your harvest. Between the wild turkeys, the deer, and the sandhill cranes, a substantial portion of our income is literally picked off before your eyes.

    You have supported the proposed sandhill crane hunting season in Wisconsin. You encourage hunters to use your land for hunting deer and turkeys.

    You live within a 15-mile area of one of the potential release sites for the whooping crane reintroduction.


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Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).